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Nov 2011 Holiday Shop Hop Quilt Block Instructions
This Kit and Pattern are no longer available.

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(These instructions are provided as a courtesy to those who received our pattern during the Nov 2011 Holiday Shop Hop. Use at your own risk.)


Contact This Kit and Pattern are no longer available for purchase.

Step 1.Chain stitch first strip to all 1 1/2" square.

Step 2. Cut pieces apart. Press & trim.

Step 3. Continue chaining, pressing & trimming as you go. Make 4 log cabin 4 1/2 " blocks.

Step 4. Right sides together draw line, corner to corner.

Step 5. Stitch on one side only. Press open and trim to 4 1/2" .

Step 6.Take other half of square cut 1 3/4" from edge.

Step 7. Stitch in chimney.
Press and trim.

Step 8. Stitch right side together. Press & trim to 4 1/2" square.

Step 9. Stitch log cabin blocks together & press.

Step 10. Stitch roof block together. Add sides. Press & trim to 12 1/2".

Step 11. Your block is complete!

This Kit and Pattern are no longer available.

Holiday Shop Hop Quilt 2011

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Thanks for participating in the Nov 2011 Holiday Shop Hop!