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May 2012 Sac-Osage Shop Hop Quilt Block Instructions
This Kit and Pattern are no longer available.

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(These instructions are provided as a courtesy to those who received our pattern during the May 2012 Sac-Osage Shop Hop. Use at your own risk.)


This Kit is no longer available.

Pattern Diagram

Step 1. Draw diagonal line from corner to corner on the 6" squares from fabric 1 & 2

Step 2. Stitch 1/4" on either side of drawn line.

Step 3. Cut along drawn line.

Step 4. Press half squares open and stitch together. Press

Step 5. Square block to 9 1/2".

Step 6. Take fabric #3 & #4 strips; match as shown. Mark and stitch corner to corner.

Step 7. Trim & Press.

Step 8. Finger press the center of 3 & 4. Align with center and stitch windmill 9 1/2" block.

Step 9. Repeat the process as in step 8.

Step 10. Trim Block to 12 1/2" square.

     Your block is complete!

May 2012 Sac-Osage Quilt Shop Hop

Cute table covers including blocks from other participating quilt shops.

Thanks for participating in the May 2012 Sac-Osage Quilt Shop Hop!