Creative Notions Quilt Company

2012 Block of the Month Club

This BOM has been completed.

During 2012, our Block of the Month Club will be creating beautiful quilt
blocks from patterns originally published between 1920 and 1960 in the
Kansas City Star Newspaper. The blocks we've selected (so far) are
shown below and were created using Moda's Kansas Troubles fabric.
All BOM classes will be held at the Creative Notions Quilt Shop from
Jan-Dec 2012 on the Fourth Thursday (and Saturday) of each month
from 9:30AM to 11:30AM. There is a $5.00 non-refundable registration fee
which includes the first month's block pattern. Subsequent month patterns
are free when you show you've completed the previous month's block. Else,
the cost is $1.00 for each month's pattern. Fabric is the participant's choice.
You can bring your own fabric or come early to purchase fabric at the shop.
All instruction classes are free!  Please contact the shop to register for
the BOM Club. See our Shop's calendar page for additional information.   

Visit our Photo Gallery to see the pieced 2012 Kansas City Star BOM Quilt!

Beginner and Experienced quilters welcome! We'd love to have you join us!
(Hover cusor over photo for details. Click photos to enlarge. )

Blk #1 Colorado Quilt, KC Star 8 Jan 1941 Blk #2 Scrap Zigzag, KC Star 26 Oct 1955 Blk #3 Buckeye Beauty, KC Star 15 Nov 1939 Blk #4 Old Maid's Puzzle, KC Star 22 Dec 1928 Blk #5 Spool Quilt, KC Star 9 Jun 1948
Blk #6 Return of the Swallows, KC Star 2 Oct 1946 Blk #7 Honey Bee, KC Star 24 Aug 1929 Blk #8 Merry-Go-Round, KC Star 10 May 1930 Blk #9 Cups and Saucers, KC Star 23 May 1936 Blk #10 Garden Walk, KC Star 19 June 1940
Blk #11 Missouri Puzzle, KC Star 3 May 1930 Blk #12 Gold Fish, KC Star 12 Dec 1931

For information on class refunds and cancellations, please see our Store Policies.